The world is wireless. Data Design can help you give your customers what they want. We specialize in building large scale WiFi data networks for schools, apartment complexes, hotels, churches, parks and subdivisions. Our systems are scalable to fit any size project.


Data NetworkingFeatures

  • Our self healing network means if one access point goes down you won’t lose your connection.
  • Manage your network from any computer, tablet, IOS or Android device.
  • Offer public or private access, or both! Provide a customizable welcome page.
  • Paypal integration allows you to charge for access if you choose.
  • Offer the ability to advertise on your welcome page.


Our team works with you to determine the best place to put WiFI access points throughout your property. We also assess your network capacity and structure. We set up your network(s) and show your staff how to manage it using their computer or mobile device.